About Tuckeroo

Tuckeroo is proudly 100% Australian owned and is totally committed to developing a unique high quality range of Australian Native inspired products so anyone can easily bring home the taste of the outback.

Formed in 2012, Tuckeroo Gourmet Foods is the brainchild of internationally renowned Australian Native Cuisine Chef Andrew Fielke and various shareholders. Now, 5 years down the line, Tuckeroo has undergone a transformation and seeks to broaden its’ horizons by extending its product range into the world of gelato.

We all understand the joy of enjoying a cold treat on a scorching Australian Summer day. It’s the Australian thing to do after all, so why not keep with the Australian theme by adding some gorgeous Native Australian ingredients into your gelato to further enhance your enjoyment (and patriotism)?! Andrew and his team have worked hard to develop a range of incredible gelatos flavoured with ingredients from the Australian outback, and they’re all very eager to share their hard work with each and every one of you.

With the emergence of Tuckeroo gelato, so too did the idea of Tuckeroo Gelato Cafes come to mind. With our intial launch in Brambuk Cultural Centre, we hope to grow and spread the flavours of the outback all over Australia.

Under his brand Tuckeroo, the company now manufactures and distributes all over the country, an ever expanding range of innovative products including gelato, dips, spice blends, sauces & dressings, desserts and crackers – with more to come!!!

About Andrew Fielke

Andrew Fielke is an internationally acclaimed guest and consulting chef specialising in creating unique dishes using Australian native ingredients. Recognized as one of the foremost pioneers in this field, his passion is to truly “Advance Australian Fare” and it has remained so for the past 25 years.

Given his love for native Australian ingredients, it was only a matter of time before he started thinking about incorporating gelato into his repertoire and thus the idea of Tuckeroo Gelato Café was born.

For more info about Andrew visit his website here